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Lewisham Local Card is expanding!

This winter marks a new chapter for the Lewisham Local Card network. Up to now, the discount card was only available to volunteers across the Borough, as a thank you for all the work they do to improve the livelihood of the community. Now, it will be available to anyone in Lewisham!

Non-volunteers can now access the card for an annual donation of just £20! All proceeds go to local charities, with 50% going back into the running costs of the scheme, while the other 50% will go to a New Community Fund. Local projects and community groups will be encouraged to apply for this funding, where cardholders get to vote for the winners. This way we can ensure that the projects that receive funding in the Borough are representative of the community’s real concerns and interests. Once Lewsisham Local reaches a target of £5.000, the redistribution will begin! This enables that people who do not volunteer but still want to support their communities are able to do so, and be rewarded for it with a card!

At the heart of the scheme is the great interest and care for the wellbeing of local businesses. Lewisham Local would not be able to do this without our partnering 500+ local businesses, who generously give discounts to community supporters who have a Lewisham Local Card. By growing our network of individuals, we can not only encourage volunteers to shop locally, but the wider community in Lewisham. This expansion allows us to make our goal of supporting the local economy to its full potential, engaging a whole new audience and tools for giving.

Lewisham Local aims to highlight the importance of individual spending power, which when used in local stores, can help improve communal wellbeing in inconceivable ways. By living locally, we produce a smaller environmental footprint, increases job availability in the area, and overall helps groups who may be underrepresented in larger scale corporations. It is now more important than ever to support Lewisham businesses, since a changing landscape is leaving them struggling to survive. Let’s take advantage of the high proportion of small and micro businesses in Lewisham, which is undoubtedly a result of the community’s vibrant spirit and diversity, and enjoy a more original array of products, services and skills!

Lewisham Local thus provides an accessible platform for many forms of community support, where individuals can choose how to show up for the community, and which stores they want to support.

Register for a card and browse our countless offers and discounts so you can start saving while spending, and getting while giving. One user last year easily saved over £250 on their purchases, make sure you don’t miss out!